Vargas: Who better than police officers to be role models?

Not too long ago, a community member questioned the value of using cops for youth crime prevention programs. After all, isn’t it more important for cops on the street to concentrate on putting bad...

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Bruno’s tale illustrates danger of police work

He did his job. Those four words echoed through the halls of the Anaheim Police Department in the days after K-9 Officer Bruno was shot in the face while tracking an armed suspect. “If Bruno...

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Monitor how children use technology and social media

A relatively new trend authorities call “sexting” is on the rise. It involves sending nude or semi-nude photos via text message. During the school year, Fullerton Police discovered “sexted”...

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Great police work stops serial killers, saves lives

The interrogation is chilling. But it was also strategic. To see a KTLA-TV report on the Ocampo interrogation, click on the photo Sgt. Darren Wyatt knew the serial killer, a former Marine, would...

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Fullerton’s new approach to helping homeless paying off

The items may seem small: A pair of sweats. A voucher to stay overnight at a motel. Socks. Raul, pictured with Avena and DeCaprio, is a veteran who was reunited with family in Florida, thanks to the...

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