Alleged thief gives new definition to tailgating


Fullerton Police detectives on Wednesday nabbed a 34-year-old Anaheim man suspected to have gone on a truck tailgate theft spree since the beginning of July.

The rash of thefts came to an end after detectives found a truck tailgate listed for sale online. When police observed a photograph of the man selling the tailgate, they found he matched a description of a man seen on video stealing tailgates.

The alleged burglar was identified and then tracked down and pulled over while driving. In addition to the tailgate thefts, he was found to have an outstanding warrant for drug charges and drugs and burglary tools were found in the car he was driving.

A record check also revealed the vehicle was reported stolen from Buena Park, and during a search of the man’s residence and storage unit an additional 21 tailgates were located.

The man was taken into custody and is facing multiple charges.