Anaheim Fire & Rescue: Smoke alarms need to be tested monthly, not just this Sunday


Spring forward, yes — but don’t forget to test your smoke alarms, too.

And not just this Sunday, March 8, when you move your clock an hour ahead for daylight saving time.

That’s the message from Anaheim Fire & Rescue.

“It is not enough just to change your smoke alarm batteries only when daylight saving time changes,” said Anaheim Fire & Rescue Chief Randy R. Bruegman. “It is imperative that smoke alarms are tested monthly and replaced every 10 years for maximum protection of life and property.”

Last year, Anaheim Fire & Rescue launched a Home Safety Visit Program that includes free smoke alarm checks and other ways to prevent a tragedy should a fire erupt in a residence.

Every year, thousands of people are injured or die as a result of home fires in the United States, Anaheim Fire & Rescue said in a news release. Most of these people live in homes without a working smoke alarm.

Statistics have proven that homes with older adults or young children are more likely to be killed or injured as a result of a fire in the home, according to the news release.

Anaheim Fire & Rescue encourages residents to review the agency’s Home Safety Visit Program information by clicking here and by requesting a home safety visit.

On the website (, residents can find detailed information and resource materials to keep their property safe from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

“Equally important to testing your smoke alarms, residents should prepare and practice a home escape plan with family members,” said Anaheim Fire & Rescue Marshal Jeff G. Lutz. “No matter the circumstances, should your smoke alarm activate, get outside immediately, call 911 and do not re‐enter the location.”

Anaheim residents eligible for a home safety visit include those who live in and own their home; income‐qualified families; older adults over the age of 65; families with children under the age of 14 and people with disabilities.

Residents can visit the department’s website to review the information and request a visit by completing the request form or by contacting (714) 765‐4040.

During a visit, fire personnel will share information to increase awareness and knowledge about home safety, and demonstrate how to test and maintain your smoke alarms.

If needed, fire personnel will replace smoke alarms installed before 2006 with new ones with 10‐year batteries. Home assessment and escape planning tools also will be provided.

Funding for 1,000 smoke alarms was made possible by a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant.