Anaheim Fire & Rescue’s Paramedic Membership Program buys peace of mind


For the cost of one tall latte from Starbucks per month, Anaheim Fire & Rescue offers residents peace of mind.

It’s called the Paramedic Membership Program.

Cost: $36 per year.

Benefit: Priceless, according to one huge fan, Wendy Tarvin.

“I cannot think of a better service,” said Tarvin. “I think every resident should sign up for it.”

Completely voluntary, AF&R’s Paramedic Membership Program allows residents to have a paramedic response fee waived should they call 911 for a medical emergency.

Without membership in the Paramedic Membership Program, the paramedic response fee is $350 per call.

Especially for residents with serious health issues, that can add up.

And a residential membership covers paramedic response for everyone in the home — including guests.

So, say you’re hosting a party and someone slips and falls and requires emergency medical assistance. When you call 911, fire and rescue personnel, including a paramedic, will respond to your call.

The Paramedic Membership Program has you covered.

Tarvin has enjoyed the benefits of the program since 2005, when she and her family moved to Anaheim from Garden Grove.

Tarvin, president and chief financial officer of Mobile Kitchens USA Inc. in Anaheim, has a son whose epilepsy required numerous 911 calls. That translated to a lot of money for paramedic response when the family lived in Garden Grove, which does not have a similar program.

Tarvin and her family learned about the Paramedic Membership Program when she purchased her parents’ home. Her mother lost her husband to cancer, and told her about the money they saved over the years being members of the Paramedic Membership Program.

The program dates back more than three decades, but still is something of a well-kept secret in the city — something Anaheim Fire & Rescue is determined to change.

“It’s sort of an insurance policy,” said Sheryl Montgomery, administrative services manager at AF&R. “It’s an ideal program for families with members who have chronic health conditions, or who have active children.”

AF&R is revitalizing the Paramedic Membership Program and aiming to sign up as many of the city’s 116,000 households as possible. The $36 annual fee is paid in $6 increments every other month on residents’ utility bills.

Tarvin’s son is now 26. He is now married, and moved out of her home in May.

But Tarvin isn’t about to opt out of the Paramedic Membership Program.

“It’s amazing,” she said.

AF&R’s Claudia Morales is coordinator of the Paramedic Membership Program. She is bilingual and is available to assist with enrollment and questions Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at 714-765-4060. Or email More information is available at