Avoid something really scary by following these Halloween tips from Anaheim F&R



Halloween fun can quickly turn to that if safety isn’t stressed on Oct. 31.

So, before your youngsters hit the streets Saturday evening, keep these following safety tips in mind from Anaheim Fire & Recue:

— Carry flashlights and use pedestrian crossings with caution as well as sidewalks.

“We want to remind drivers to be vigilant while on the road and watch for pedestrians especially on Halloween night,” said Anaheim Fire Chief Randy R. Bruegman.

— Use only battery-operated candles for decorations inside or outside of your home.

— Extinguish all house ornamental candles before leaving your home to trick-or-treat.

— Make sure costumes fit properly especially in the length to avoid falls.

— Make sure a child’s vision is not blocked by a mask or decoration.

— Costumes should be made of fire resistant, reflective materials.

— Practice with your child what to do should their clothing catch fire: Stop, Drop & Roll.

— Other reminders: Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend. And test your smoke alarms monthly and replace the batteries as needed. If a smoke alarm is more than 10 years old, it should be replaced.

If you need assistance or aren’t sure about the current status of your smoke alarms, Anaheim Fire & Rescue’s Home Safety Visit Program can help.

During a visit, fire personnel will share information to increase awareness and knowledge about home safety and demonstrate how to test and maintain your smoke alarms.

If needed, fire personnel will replace smoke alarms with new smoke alarms with 10-year batteries.

Home assessment and escape planning tools will also be available. Residents can visit the department’s website at anaheim.net/homesafety to request a visit.

For more information on holiday safety information, please visit anaheim.net/fire or call 714.765.4040.