Beach Hut Deli in Dana Point, Mission Viejo shows appreciation to responders by offering free sandwiches


Times are chaotic due to the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus, and employees from all walks of life are feeling the pressure.

While first responders are busy keeping communities safe, calming the public, and caring for the ill, restaurants and bars face a different epidemic: being forced to switch to takeout only or closing completely, which could be catastrophic to their sales.

However, at a time when retailers and restaurants are being forced to lay people off, Bud McIntosh, owner of Beach Hut Deli in Dana Point and Mission Viejo, decided to take a different approach to the current crisis by giving away 10 free party-sized trays of sandwiches to local first responders in need.

The Beach Hut sandwiches given to first responders

“Lots of people are struggling (specifically) in the restaurant industry, but there are a lot of other people that are struggling as well and everyone needs to eat,” McIntosh explained. “We must all support each other in this very confusing time, so we decided to start with helping feed those that are in the service of others, regardless of the current scenario in our community and society.”

“This is something that I personally felt was the right move instead of hunkering down and being selfish, because we are all in it together,” McIntosh said. “My Mission Viejo location is currently accepting tray donation requests as well, but this is a starting point. Both Dana Point and Mission Viejo Beach Hut’s won’t stop at just 10 trays for those in need during these times.”

The sandwich trays have currently been claimed by fire and police departments in the Dana Point area. But the trays aren’t just meant for police and fire. McIntosh also is reaching out to urgent care facilities, nursing homes, and even hospitals offering sandwich deliveries.

A nurse with sandwiches donated by Beach Hut Deli Dana Point

“We’re ready to hook it up if they need it because first responders don’t get a pass when something of any magnitude occurs,” McIntosh said. “They work day in and out, and are constantly putting themselves at risk to help everyone, so I want to make sure they are fed well and ready for the next call that they definitely will receive.”

McIntosh hopes the sandwich trays help show appreciation and support to first responders while providing some form of relief. He also took a moment to thank first responders for always showing up regardless of the time or the need.

The sandwiches individually wrapped with a thank you note


During high-stress times, it’s important that we all come together as a community to support each other. If your restaurant is helping support first responders, we would love to see! Please share your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #LocalToGo and #FeedFirstResponders. Check out some of these other articles highlighting restaurants showing support for their first responders:

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Nurses enjoying sandwiches provided by Beach Hut Deli Dana Point