Body Found, but Identity of the Deceased Unknown


Press Release


La Habra Police Department

Phone (562) 383-4300

La Habra, July 21, 2014: On July 21, 2014, at approximately 4:30 a.m. La Habra Police Department received a call from a man reporting that he had found a dead body.

Officers were dispatched to the 900 block of S. Idaho where the reporting party pointed out the location of the body in some foliage behind one of the carports.

He indicated that he had been walking his dog, off leash, behind the carport area last Friday, when his dog alerted on something. He did not check it out at that time; however, this morning when his dog again alerted on the same area, he went to investigate and discovered the body.

He immediately called the police. The body had been covered with foliage and only the feet and a limited portion of the body appeared to be uncovered.

An investigation into the cause of death and the woman’s identity is ongoing. At this juncture, the deceased has only been identified as an adult female. No further details are available, at this time.