BTB Radio: Body cameras good for police and the public


In this week’s Behind the Badge Radio podcast, law enforcement veterans Kevin Von Luft and Steven Wolf talked about the pros and cons of body cameras – a popular new tool designed to improve accountability.

(They also discuss the body-cam video above, when an officer in Ohio decided not to use lethal force)

Von Luft noted the debate about privacy issues.

“An officer has the right to record everything that happens,” he said. “There are no expectations of privacy when talking to a police officer. How about when we go into somebody’s home? How about when we interview a sexual assault victim? If that was your daughter or your wife would you want that on a video?”

Still, Von Luft said he believes more good than harm will come from officers wearing body cameras. It will help agencies weed out officers who don’t do their jobs properly, he said.

“Recording saved me more than it has ever hurt me,” he said, noting his agency requires audio recorders. “It has always been positive. I know a lot of positive change is going to happen because of these cameras. They hold the officers accountable, and they also hold the public accountable.”

Von Luft and Wolf also discussed the riots in Baltimore.

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