BTBuzz: Arkansas police officer uses social media to make a difference


North Little Rock, Ark. police officer Tommy Norman has made a name for himself by going beyond the call of duty. An active social media user, Norman has gained the attention of followers worldwide (more than 1 million on Instagram and 45,000 on Facebook) for photos and videos he posts highlighting his local community. Norman poses for selfies, shows off his dance moves and pays daily visits to neighborhood men, women and children to help make a difference in his community.

People from all over the country, and the globe, have responded to Officer Norman’s acts of kindness by sending packages for him to distribute. He films the reactions of recipients and posts the happy results to his accounts, creating a pay-it-forward attitude that has touched many lives in the North Little Rock area.

Recently, a family from Livermore sent Norman a box full of dog treats, gift certificates and kind words to 97-year-old “Mr. George,” a well-known community member. The touching gesture brought tears to Mr. George’s eyes — just one example of the positive outreach Norman has inspired.

“Your badge should have a heartbeat and not an ego,” Norman said in a recent statement.

Follow his admirable efforts on his Instagram (@tnorman23), Twitter (@OfficerNorman) or Facebook.