BTBuzz: It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no, it’s a police ‘hoverbike’ slated to be in use in Dubai


At the 37th-annual Gulf Information Technology Exposition (GITEX) in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, demonstrations of next-generation technology solutions are blowing the minds of visitors, speakers and visiting companies. The impressive display includes a new “hoverbike”unveiled by the city’s police force.

Members of Dubai’s tech-savvy police force are scheduled to soon be taking to the skies on the “Star Wars”-style, battery-powered hoverbikes, which are still in the testing phase but are capable of flying at 16.4 feet and reaching speeds of up to 43.5 miles per hour. The bike was co-developed with Russian drone manufacturer Hoversurf, and is named the “Hoversurf Scorpion.”

The bike essentially is a ridable drone, complete with four propellors that can carry a single person. It is completely electric.

“The bike can also fly without a passenger….It can fly for 25 minutes and carry up to 661 pounds of weight,” First Sgt. Ali Ahmad Mohammad told Gulf News. Mohammad also said the Scorpion can take an officer over traffic in emergencies, which is the bikes’ main purpose. The thinking is that the hoverbikes could come in handy when police officers have difficulty reaching regular vehicles, or when flying over traffic congestion becomes necessary.

Alexander Atamanov, CEO of Hoversurf, confirmed on Facebook that Dubai police have agreed to mass- produce the Scorpion in the Dubai area.

The hover bike still is undergoing tests. Safety still is a concern with light personal aircrafts, for both the pilot and pedestrians.