BTBuzz: Cop’s gesture fuels new perspective


A Michigan woman’s post is going viral after she publicly thanked a police officer for buying her gas after she and her children were stranded on the side of a road.

She included a photo of the encounter with the caption, “saves the day.”

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve got stuck on the side of the road waiting for the help I had called for,” wrote Samantha Luskey, of Clinton Township, Mich. “As I wait I’m just watching people pass me. Not one person stopped to help.”

On Saturday, an officer offered to allow Luskey and her kids to sit in his patrol car before buying her gas.

“Thank you officer for keeping my anxiety down and helping us as much as you could,” she wrote. “It’s officers like you that give light in humanity.”

She followed up the post with an update in which she acknowledged feeling guilty for initially being afraid as the officer first approached her vehicle.

“I will admit, from being exposed to all of those videos gone wrong with police officers, I was a tad afraid to get out of my car for he might yell at me to get back in my car,” she wrote. “While he was filling my car with gas I sat in my car…..I just instantly felt guilty. His job is much greater than helping me get off the road safely. He risks his life everyday because there ARE bad people.

“Today I learned, there is still kindness on this earth,” she wrote.