BTBuzz: Facebook poster claims officer was a jerk to his wife during car stop


In Canton, Ohio, Officer Jones Jr. stopped a woman for driving without her headlights on and speeding. Being the nice guy that he is, he decided to just write her a citation for driving without her headlights on.

Just a few hours later, the husband of the driver wrote a Facebook post that said: “Watch for Jones Jr., badge number 157. Was a jerk to my wife and must have needed to make quota she was driving and didn’t know her lights weren’t on he treated her like trash and was disrespectful.”

The Canton Police Department took the review to heart and reviewed the officer’s body camera footage.

The video shows the officer being about as polite and professional as possible. The department posted the video in reply to the complaint.

Makes you wonder how she described the encounter to her husband.

The review was removed from the department’s Facebook feed by the poster after being confronted with the body camera footage.