BTBuzz: Houston police officer battling cancer helps rescue Harvey victims


Among the many heroes emerging in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, a Houston police officer has made an especially meaningful impact on his community. Norbert Ramon, 55, has been with the Houston Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement division for 24 years. He also is battling stage 4 metastatic colon cancer — but you would never know.

Ramon received the call from his sergeant to start preparing last Saturday. By that Sunday morning, heavy rainfall and standing water made it impossible for him to go to his regular duty downtown. After notifying his sergeant, Ramon reported to his nearest patrol unit and began the first of many rescue missions.

And being sick hasn’t slowed him down. As part of the Lake Patrol, Ramon has had a hand in helping rescue 1,500 residents from the floodwaters.

“He’s been so caught up in the emotions and the excitement of trying to rescue people, he (hasn’t had) time to even think about it,” Ramon’s wife Cindy told Fox News. “You wouldn’t even know he had cancer. He’s plugging along like he doesn’t.”

Ramon has been receiving chemotherapy every two weeks at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa, Okla. When his most recent flight was canceled due to the flooding, he and his wife made the nine-hour drive instead. Cindy said the support they have received from the staff has been incredible.

When doctors saw pictures of Ramon performing a rescue, they were initially concerned for his health but immediately called him a hero.