BTBuzz: ‘Militarized’ helmet saved Orlando first responder


Editor’s note: BTBuzz focuses on public safety news, issues and other items of interest from around the web. BTB Columnist Joe Vargas weighs in on how protective gear saved at least one member of the Orlando PD when officers responded to the Pulse Club massacre Sunday morning. 

In the midst of the tragedy in Orlando, there are sure to be stories of heroism and self-sacrifice that have yet to be told: Victims who put themselves in harm’s way and police officers who went above and beyond the call of duty.

Orlando Police Department last night released a picture on their Twitter feed that speaks volumes about the heroism of the officers that responded to the location.

The picture is of a Kevlar helmet an officer was wearing when the suspect was ultimately engaged and killed in a hail of gunfire.

The officer took a bullet to the head and survived, with apparently minor injuries.

Thank God for his protective equipment.

One can only imagine the courage and bravery it took for these officers to enter the location and confront a heavily armed suspect.