BTBuzz: North Carolina police join neighborhood Slip ’N Slide fun


When Asheville Police Department (North Carolina) Senior Officers Carrie Lee and Joe Jones responded to a local neighborhood noise complaint, they may have expected to be shutting down a party, but probably never thought they’d be joining in on the fun themselves.

Instead of finding an unruly disturbance, the officers pulled up to a giant Slip ’N Slide built by some Oakley residents and kids for their annual Fourth of July block party. It was quickly determined the call was unfounded and the slide was plenty far from the street, keeping the kids safe and leaving room for cars and emergency vehicles to still pass through.

The officers made it clear they weren’t there to break up the summertime fun and decided to take the opportunity to cool down. Officer Lee can be seen using a trash bag as her raft, while Officer Jones slides down in an inner tube with one of the neighborhood kids.

“They had such good energy. All the kids were loving it,” Travis Eagledove, a nearby resident who caught the epic moment on camera, told ABC News of the officers.

Officer Jones ended up setting a Slip ’N Slide record that day, as he was the only one to make it all the way from the top to the bottom.

The unconventional stop has since been shared on Asheville PD’s Facebook account, reposted all over Twitter and featured on various national news affiliates.