BTBuzz: Officers bring gifts to 6-year-old’s birthday party, deliver a baby, and give a mother a gift she won’t forget


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In West Wyoming, Pennsylvania, officers from departments around the area plus a canine detective surprised six-year-old Travis Gittens, who once feared police officers, with gifts to celebrate his birthday.

“A lot of people have a negative image of police… (but) we’re your friends,” Ptlm. Tony DeMark said. “We are humans before police officers.”

When Bridgette Crumley went into labor, she and her family were on their way to the hospital when they realized they wouldn’t make it in time and pulled off to the side of the road. Officer Sierra Reprogal from Dickson Police Department in Tennessee responded to a frantic 911 call and safely delivered Crumley’s baby.

“This goes to show that an officer’s job is very stressful,” the Dickson Police Department shared on its Facebook page. “One minute, you may be holding the hand of someone who is taking their last breath…or, on this day with Officer Reprogal, you may be watching a new life take its first breath.”

Screen shot from City of Dickson Police Department, Tennessee Facebook page.

Sergeant Evan Love from the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office in Indiana turned a speeding ticket, which could have been financially detrimental to a single mother, into a Christmas miracle by revoking the ticket and presenting her with a $300 gift card instead.

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