BTBuzz: Officers bring gifts to child, game hard, and save man suffering heart attack


Officer Nikki Hotz from the Marion Police Department in Iowa was not supposed to be working Thursday, Nov. 1. However, Hotz was catching up on paperwork when a woman called to report that her husband was unresponsive and possibly having a heart attack. His location happened to be just a quarter mile from Hotz.

“That’s when all the adrenaline faded and the emotions kicked in,” Hotz said. “I had never had to perform CPR on someone before, and I really wanted him to be OK. Afterwards, I just went back to my car and prayed for him to recover and cried.”

The year 2018 proved to be a challenging one for 5-year-old Jack Stieb. He lost a grandmother and an aunt to illnesses earlier this year and then lost his home during the Camp Fire outbreak.

Stieb aspires to become a police officer and was extremely sad when he lost his SWAT costume in the fire.

When officers from the Roseville Police Department in California heard of the boy’s many tragedies, they decided to bring him a gift and made him an honorary officer for a day.

Two St. Paul, Minnesota police officers were called to assist with a noise complaint called in by a neighbor. However, after finding no reason to file any charges, the officers decided to take a few moments to play a video game with the neighbors in question.

“So, the neighbors called the cops on us and now we fighting them… in Smash Bros,” Jovante Williams said.

Photo by Jovante M. Williams via Facebook