BTBuzz: Officers make light of ‘cops suck’ tattoo


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Officers from the Bangor Maine Police Department are garnering attention after making light of their encounter with a man sporting an anti-police tattoo.

The encounter started with the officers asking a man to move along from his location before noticing the man has the words “cops suck” tattooed across his knuckles.

The post is light-hearted with a solid message. Equally awesome about this Facebook post: A reference to “passing a Zima.” Are Zimas still a thing?

Here’s a portion of the entertaining post from Bangor PD. Check out the full post HERE.

“(Is it) possible that Russell was treated poorly by law enforcement officials in the past?

Maybe the ink came at a time when Russell was having a problem with authority. We understand. We have all had a problem with authority at one time or another.

Could it be that the tattoo (done in ‘Sailors Fat Tattoo’ script) should alert us to the fact that Russell has not always been an easy person to deal with? Could we change the way Russell feels about law enforcement if we treat him with kindness and respect?

Officer Jimmy Burns and Officer Keith Larby had occasion to meet Russell this past weekend. The meeting went well and Russell was pleasant and agreed with the fact that he had to move along from his chosen location.

Russell was not arrested or charged with violations. We like it that way.

Burns noticed the tattoo(s) and Russell told the cops that he now regretted getting that written on his knuckles a few years back. They all shared a laugh and Russell agreed to let Burns get a photo of the ink. Larby stood in for comedic effect. A cop in the frame of this shot just makes it better.

Maybe I am putting too much thought into this. I see this photo as a lesson.

If this situation had been handled differently, it might have led to the handcuffing of our friend, Russell. Handcuffing would have necessitated placing the man’s hands very close together. Two words could have become a sentence. A sentence that would have confirmed exactly what Russell might have believed at one point in his past.

That would have been too bad.

Today we should all try a little conversational kindness. Avoid taking it ‘up a notch.’ It most often works quite well.

The men and women of the Bangor Police Department urge everyone to keep their hands to themselves, leave other people’s things alone and be kind to one another.

Have a great Monday. We will be here.”