BTBuzz: Police bring K9s to visit boy before brain tumor surgery


The Warner Robins Police Department stepped up in a big way when they learned that local 9-year-old Jalen Manns would be undergoing surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Jalen’s mother, Hannah Manns, created a Facebook page to serve as a story, support, update, and donation page after learning her son had a brain tumor.

After Manns posted that Jalen’s favorite dog is a German Shepherd, people began to send the boy stuffed animal German Shepherds, which Jalen called his “guard dogs.”

The Warner Robins Police Department saw the post and wanted to do something for Jalen on the morning of his surgery.

“Five or six officers came [that]morning and got there at 6 a.m. They knocked on the door and said we’re looking for Jalen,” Manns told CBS News. “They took him outside and he explained to them he wanted to meet all their dogs.”

Manns posted a video of one of the officers and his K9 praying for Jalen that has since gone viral.

The officers brought the dogs out and one by one, Jalen learned each K9’s name and a little about the dogs. The officers escorted Jalen and his mother to the hospital for his biopsy.

“They walked him around the hospital to get him settled,” Manns said. “He didn’t want [the officers]to leave… I told him they have to protect our city and our homes and where we live.”

After getting Jalen settled, the officers left, but told Manns they want updates on Jalen and will be back to visit him after his surgery.

According to the Team Jalen Facebook page, Jalen’s surgery went well and the incision is healing nicely.