BTBuzz: Police clean up elderly women’s flooded house


When three officers from the Moss Point Police Department responded to a call for a busted water pipe at the home of an elderly couple, they didn’t just fix the problem – they also cleaned up the mess.

When Officer Robert Hammac, Officer Justin Waltman, and Sgt. Lancen Shipman arrived, the kitchen, living room, and family room were already flooded with about 2 inches of water, which was starting to seep into the garage.

The Sun Herald reported that the woman was home alone. Her husband was in the hospital recovering from a recent surgery and she didn’t know what to do.

“She went outside screaming and calling for help and no one responded,” Shipman said. “The neighbor she depends on was out of town, so she called 911.”

Hammac was the first to arrive and was able to shut off the water.

When Shipman arrived, the woman was still in her night clothes and panicking.

“I just grabbed her and hugged her and told her we were going to take care of it,” Shipman said.

The three officers went to Lowe’s for parts and fixed the plumbing.

The officers moved furniture, mopped and swept the water, set floor fans, and hung the towels and blankets out to dry in the yard.

Going above and beyond is nothing new to police officers.

“We do this every day,” Shipman said. “Across the nation, officers do it all the time.”

Shipman is a second-generation law enforcement officer. He said his father taught him the importance of helping in all emergencies.

“He said, ‘If it’s an emergency to them, it’s an emergency,’” Shipman said. “We’re there to help. I’ve fixed a lady’s stove.”

“I scared a ghost out of a house,” he said. “I’ve done that.”