BTBuzz: Police surprise homeless women on her birthday


Officers at the New York Police Department’s Ferry Security unit surprised a homeless woman on her birthday by singing “Happy Birthday” and bringing her food.

Officer Leron Lee, who told WFLA that the officers know Lisa, came up with the idea.

“She been there as long as I’ve been here,” Lee said. “I’ve been here for seven years, and we have a bit of a rapport back and forth.”

After learning that June 21 is Lisa’s birthday, Lee decided to do something special for her.

“So, the day of her birthday I walked out the post and I saw her sitting on the staircase. I asked, ‘Lisa, happy birthday. What would you like for your birthday?’ She says, ‘I want a cheeseburger, some French fries and a Dr. Pepper.’”

Lee fulfilled her request and brought along a few other officers to sing her “Happy Birthday”.

Lisa can be heard in the video saying, “That’s very nice,” as the officers finish singing.

Lee insists that he doesn’t deserve credit and that it’s pretty usual for officers in his unit to buy a cup of coffee for the resident homeless.

Lee said he “was just trying to brighten up her birthday a little bit, for someone who maybe doesn’t have family.”