BTBuzz: Riverside firefighters run with concept of community engagement


Three Riverside firefighters are literally running with the idea of community engagement.

Carrying 70 pounds of gear, the men joined dozens of ultramarathon runners on Saturday night for three miles of the 24-hour, 100-mile Nanny Goat Race on a private horse ranch in Riverside. staffer Greg Hardesty, a veteran of ultramarathons and ultra multi-tasking, was armed with a cell phone while running the race.

Not missing a step, Hardesty snapped the photo above at mile 51 and provided a short report via text messages.

“They are here just to support the runners. Their station is right by the course. (They are here) to show solidarity… a lot of people (are) running for charity.”

On Facebook, Hardesty added: “Awesome to see Riverside City Fire Station 10 represent at Nanny Goat running three miles in full fire suppression gear carrying 70 pounds of equipment.”

Also awesome to see Hardesty’s commitment to providing interesting content for BTB-OC readers!