Community rallies to raise funds for fatally shot Downey police officer


Friends of the Downey police officer shot and killed in his car are rallying to raise funds to support his family as they mourn the loss of their son and brother.

Galvez, a five-year veteran of the force, was killed late Wednesday in what police are calling a botched robbery attempt in the parking lot outside the department.

The 29-year-old was in plainclothes and in his personal vehicle after returning from a K-9 training session about a mile away.

Galvez, known as “Ricky”, was a patrol officer who also worked as an agitator helping to keep Downey’s police dogs on point in apprehending suspects.

“One of Downey’s finest was shot and killed,” said Downey Police Chief Carl Charles. “He was a tremendous young man. His smile and professionalism were always on display. Words cannot express the love we have for Ricky.”

Three people were arrested on Thursday — two adults and a 16-year-old who told police they shot Galvez while trying to rob him.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up in Galvez’s honor to raise $10,000 to help with funeral costs and other family needs.

The page has collected more than $2,200 in donations so far.

Galvez, a Marine who graduated from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Academy, was described by friends as selfless and dedicated — the kind of officer who went beyond the call of duty if it meant helping someone in need.

“I remember him telling me a story of paying for woman’s registration on her vehicle because her husband had just died,” said friend, fellow Marine and Tustin Police Officer Mike Carter. “He was always doing things for people he didn’t know.

“And not once did he ever want a thank you or recognition.”

Ricky Galvez served in the Marine Corps before joining the Downey Police Department in 2010.

Ricky Galvez served in the Marine Corps before joining the Downey Police Department in 2010.

Galvez served two tours — one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan — and also served as a Marine Corps recruiter.

“He had a passion for the Marine Corps like no other,” Carter said. “It didn’t matter who Ricky was talking to as long as he was talking about how much love he had for the Corps.”

Carter, along with several other Tustin Police employees, went to Downey to participate in the somber procession as Galvez’s body was removed from the scene.

An American flag hung from the ladder of a Downey firetruck as firefighters and police saluted the fallen officer.

“Every day, the brave men and women of our Downey Police Department put themselves at personal risk to keep us all safe,” Mayor Luis Marquez said in a statement. “We are incredibly sorrowed at the loss of Officer Galvez, and our thoughts and prayers are with all who knew and loved him.”

Galvez is survived by his mother, his brother and two sisters.

To donate to his memorial fund visit

The Downey Federal Credit Union has also set up a memorial fund in Galvez’s name. Contributions can be deposited at the branch into account No. 113988.