Cypress PD arrests couple stealing packages off porches


After arresting a couple bicycling through neighborhoods and stealing packages off porches, Cypress police want to remind residents of some ways to safeguard their holiday purchases.

A patrol officer at about 7:30 p.m. on Saturday noticed a woman standing with two bicycles on the sidewalk.

The scene struck the officer as odd so he watched and observed a man leaving the front porch of the home with a package tucked under his arm, said Cmmd. Steven Ramsey.

The officer stopped the couple and determined they had taken the package from the porch.

The couple was in possession of other packages and Ramsey said officers are sorting through the items to determine where they came from.

“This was a good observation by our officer,” he said. “It’s a good reminder, especially during the holidays, that when packages arrive, people need to be conscious of this.”

Police see an uptick in this type of theft, along with home and vehicle burglaries, during the holiday season.

Cypress officials said they will add patrols and have an increased presence in city retail centers, but they want to remind residents of some ways they can ensure their holiday season  doesn’t go from merry to dreary:

At home:

– Keep the doors and windows of your home locked at all times.

– Keep your garage door closed and locked.

– Don’t leave bicycles or other valuables unattended or unsecured.

-Keep your house well-lit, preferably with low-voltage or LED lighting.

-Require a signature for packages delivered to your home. Do not allow them to be delivered to your home without your knowledge or left on your porch.

Going out of town: 

– Suspend delivery of your newspaper and mail. Piled up newspaper can indicate to burglars that nobody is home.

– Request a vacation check from the police department. Fill out a form online at

– Tell your neighbors you will be gone and leave contact information.

– Set an alarm and notify the alarm company you will be gone.

When you park your car: 

– Keep the windows shut and doors locked, remove your keys, and set your alarm.

– Don’t leave packages or personal items, especially purses, cell phones and laptops, in plain view.

– Park in well-lit areas.

While shopping: 

– Shop with friends or family, when possible.

– Be aware of your surroundings and of any strangers lurking nearby.

– Don’t carry large amounts of cash and protect your credit card information from others while you are standing in line or conducting a credit card transaction.

– Lock your packages in your trunk out of sight.  Be aware of anyone watching to see if you walk away from your car.  If you notice someone suspicious, call the police immediately.

– When you get home, try to not draw attention to the items purchased.

– Monitor your bank account routinely for unusual activity.

– Use ATMs during daytime hours, when possible.

If you see something suspicious, call police 9-1-1 for emergencies or the business line at 714-229-6600.