Cypress PD to crack down on drunken drivers during holidays


The Cypress Police Department is urging partygoers to enjoy the holiday festivities responsibly to keep the roads safe this season.

Nationwide, the number of traffic fatalities spike this time of year because more drunken drivers are traveling the roads, police said.

“Unfortunately, the excitement and celebrations of the holiday season can lead to terrible decisions and serious legal consequences,” said Cypress Sgt. Brian Healy. “The Cypress Police Department is giving fair warning to all partygoers.”

Patrol officers will be on high alert for drunken drivers, and the department is also deploying a special DUI enforcement unit.

The consequences of this bad decision are just not worth it, Healy said, adding the offense often leads to a long list of legal and financial repercussions.

Jail time, higher insurance rates and loss of a driver’s license are just some of the impacts drunken driving can have.

“Even worse, a drunk driver can cause a traffic crash that claims someone’s life, or their own,” Healy said.

Cypress PD is offering these tips to keep the holidays safe and happy:

– One drink can impair judgment and increase the risk of getting arrested for drunken driving or having a crash while driving.

– Plan ahead. If you know you will be drinking, do not plan on driving. Designate a sober driver or make arrangement for some other safe transportation before the party begins.

– If you decide to drink, do not drive. Call a taxicab, phone a friend or take advantage of public transportation to get home safely.

– If you see a suspected drunken driver while out on the road, call 911 and report them immediately.