Cypress PD to motorists: Be careful, school is back in session


Cypress, fortunately, isn’t known for its high volume of traffic accidents.

Over the last 12 months, in fact, there have been only nine traffic collisions involving pedestrians — incidents that resulted in one person suffering serious injuries, Cypress Police Sgt. Brian Healy says.

Still, with school back in session, the risk of pedestrian-versus-car incidents increases.

To make sure Cypress maintains its status as a relatively safe city for pedestrian and bicyclists, the Cypress PD issued the following back-to-school safety tips for parents and motorists:

* Make sure your bike-riding children wear helmets to and from school and that they use the bike lane and travel on the right side of the road and as close to the curb as possible

* Be extra cautious driving around schools, and observe the school-zone speed limit of 25 miles per hour

* Distracted driving is more dangerous than ever. Do not text and drive. Drivers (as well as cyclists) are not allowed to wear headphones in both ears.

* Obey all crossing guards.

* Stop for the loading and unloading of school buses. Do not pass a bus that has red lights flashing.

“With your assistance, we can make this a safe school year for everyone,” Healy says.

Image copyright Dasha Rosato photography