Dakota County voted best police lip-sync video


The votes are in! You voted Dakota County Sheriff’s Department as the best cop lip-sync video in the Behind the Badge police lip-sync challenge poll.

The Martinsville and the Tyler City police departments tied for second place. The City of Monroe Police and Fire Department and the Wichita Falls Police Department tied for third place.

Even though the poll is closed, we couldn’t ignore your suggestions and new videos are popping up daily. Here are a few others we don’t want you to miss:

No. 1: Orange County Sheriff’s Department with 30K+ views

Our very own Orange County Sheriff’s Department accepted the challenge. We love that they had fun filming this and made the video using an iPhone.

No. 2: Norfolk Police Department with 72+ million views

Due to popular demand, we had to include Norfolk’s video. Norfolk has racked up over 72 million views, making this the most shared of all the challenge videos. Not only do we like that they include the fire department as well as all aspects of the police department, but they also get an A+ on their lip-syncing skills.

No. 3: Seattle Police Department with 5+ million views

The production quality of this video is off the charts. Seattle Police Department clearly put a lot of time and effort into this video and the Segway scene is priceless.

No. 4: Middletown Police Department with 120K+ views

We love Middletown’s video because they clearly know how to make fun of their own stereotypes in a lighthearted and hilarious way. This one is a must watch.

We hope you all are having as much fun as we are watching police lip-sync videos! Let us know about any other lip-sync videos we might have missed!