Don’t be a victim of the Grinch: La Habra PSA urges residents to shop smart this season


While thieves stealing packages off door steps seems to be the hot news item to warn residents about this season, La Habra police are alerting residents of another Grinch primed to ruin the holidays for unsuspecting shoppers.

The department’s public service video encourages residents to subscribe to its “Lock It, Hide It, Keep It” campaign to protect against thefts from vehicles— one of the most common crimes in the county this time of year.

The video, featuring a character well-known for doing his best to steal the holiday spirit of others, highlights the best ways to shop safely.

Here are some tips you can follow year round:


Always lock your car even if leaving the vehicle for a short amount of time. Roll up windows and also lock the trunk.


Don’t leave items in plain view. If an item must be left in the car while shopping, conceal it in the trunk or underneath the car seat.


Whenever possible, keep items of value with you. Vehicle theft is often a crime of opportunity, and the most commonly stolen items include purses, cell phones, gym bags and briefcases left in plain sight.