Five businesses sell alcohol to minors during two ‘minor decoy’ operations, APD reports


The Anaheim PD’s Vice Detail cited five out of 26 businesses it visited during two ‘minor decoy’ operations for selling alcohol to minors, the APD said in a news release Monday.

The operations, conducted over the past two months, involved a minor, under the supervision of police investigators, entering an establishment and attempting to purchase alcohol from an employee.

The minors were directed to show their California Drivers’ License, California Identification Card, or tell the employee their true age if asked.

Each sale to a minor is a criminal offense and the businesses are subject to administrative penalties by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, including having their license to sell alcoholic beverages suspended or revoked.

An employee who sells alcohol to a minor also is arrested and issued a citation.

The penalties for a violation could be a fine up to $600, probation for up to 36 months, jail time, or community service.

The operations were paid for by a nearly $100,000 grant awarded by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

The APD said in the Oct. 24 news release that the agency “is committed to reducing alcohol-related offenses involving minors, and in taking enforcement action against those who furnish alcohol to minors.”