Four-year-old already following dad’s motorcycle path


While the recent Orange County Traffic Officer Association’s annual Motor Rodeo provided officers around the county with great memories, awards and accolades, it was a particularly special day for 4-year-old Reed Bailor.

Reed, the son of Fullerton motor Officer Steve Bailor, got to spend the first part of the day with his dad, watching him race around the track. He even brought his own toy motorcycle with him to ride.

But as often happens with 4 year olds, Reed needed to go home for his nap. So he left with his mom before the results of the rodeo came through.

Turns out, Steve Bailor’s performance was good enough for second place in the Honda category. So when his dad took home the medal at the end of the day, he told Reed that it was his performance that merited the second place.

Let’s just say, Reed was beaming with pride, just like his dad.

“It’s an honor to represent the Fullerton Police Department in the Motor Rodeo,” Steve Bailor said. “But it was even more special that day to have my young son there to watch me and cheer me on. It’s a memory neither of us will ever forget.”