FPD officers help reconnect homeless man with Mississippi relatives


A homeless man has been reunited with his grandmother and family in Mississippi, thanks to the work of the Fullerton Police Homeless Liaison team and the Coast to Coast Foundation.

Chris Devonte came in contact with Fullerton police officers about two weeks ago, saying that he had been homeless for about a year, said Officer Cary Tong of the Homeless Liaison team.

“He was told by some of his relatives in Irvine to come and stay with them here,” Officer Tong said. “When he arrived, they decided not to help him. He then made his way to Fullerton.”

Officer Tong worked with the Coast to Coast Foundation to locate his grandmother. Together, they were able to get him a bus ticket back to Mississippi.

homeless 2

“This is just another case where someone who has fallen through the cracks was able to get much-needed care and assistance,” said Sgt. Kathryn Hamel. “Great work by Coast to Coast and our Homeless Liaison officers.”