FPD: Scorned lover nabbed after ramming into car


Fullerton police arrested a man Monday night in the parking lot of Parks Junior High, who reportedly got into a fight with his girlfriend and then rammed his car into the back of her former boyfriends’s car, police said.

The man was reported to have been arguing with his girlfriend while they were driving in Fullerton.

He stopped the car and the girlfriend got out and started walking away. The man told police he believed she was going to call her old boyfriend to pick her up, so he waited out of sight.

Indeed, the ex-boyfriend showed up and the woman got into his car and drove away. The disgruntled boyfriend then drove behind that car and rammed it from behind. The former boyfriend got out of his car to confront the man and the angry boyfriend accelerated and rammed the car a second time.

He then fled the scene but was later found in the parking lot of Parks Junior High and arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault.