Fullerton PD releases first-ever Critical Incident Community Briefing following in-custody death


Editor’s note: The Fullerton PD released the following news release today, Friday, March 1, wlong with video of the agency’s first-ever Critical Incident Community Briefing regarding an in-custody death:

On Monday, February 11, 2019 at approximately 5:22 PM, Fullerton Police Officers responded to a call for service in the 200 block of S. Kellog Ave. that resulted in an In Custody Death.

In an effort to be transparent with the community that we serve, the Fullerton Police Department is releasing its first-ever Critical Incident Community Briefing, which will provide details to the community about the incident, as we know them today.

This includes Body Worn Camera (BWC) video footage from the incident itself, as well as other calls for service that led up to the incident involving the In-Custody Death.

Please keep in mind this is an initial review, and our understanding of this incident could possibly change as additional evidence is collected, analyzed, and reviewed.

The Fullerton Police Department also does not draw any conclusions as to whether or not our officers acted within our department policy, and the law, until all the facts are known, and the independent investigation by the Orange County District Attorney is complete.

Lastly, while body worn cameras are an excellent tool, they do not always show what the officers may have seen, and vice versa, the officers don’t always see and experience what the body camera footage shows.

We ask that the community keep this in mind when viewing these videos.

Please be advised, the images and content of this Critical Incident Community Briefing are graphic, and viewer discretion is advised.

The Critical Incident Community Briefing, which is roughly 25-minutes in length, can be found by clicking here.