Garden Grove PD arrests man for online threats, attempting to steal gun from relative


Garden Grove Police have arrested a man they say was attempting to steal firearms from a relative after making “erratic posts on Facebook.”

On the evening of Sunday, Feb. 18, police received a phone call from a relative of Mark William Flicker, 46.

The family member told police they were worried about erratic posts Flicker made on Facebook, according to a GGPD news release.

The caller also told police that Flicker had been drinking heavily and that there were “ongoing family issues.”

Officers read the Facebook posts made by Flicker, which indicated he could be a danger to himself or to the public, the news release said.

While Flicker didn’t make a specific threat against a person, place or business, he indicated he was “full of rage and hate” and had ordered a firearm online.

Based on that information, police attempted to obtain a firearms emergency protective order, which would prevent Flicker from possessing firearms until further investigation could be conducted.

As officers were preparing to go to Flicker’s residence, Garden Grove Police received a phone call from another family member, who said Flicker had gone to his mother’s residence in the 12900 block of Sylvan Street to take a firearm or firearms from a gun safe inside the home.

Officers responded to the residence and contacted Flicker as he walked out of the home.

Flicker obeyed officers’ commands and was found to be unarmed.

Officers learned that Flicker was attempting to open the gun safe without the permission of his mother.

Flicker was unable to gain access to the firearms inside of the safe prior to being detained and was arrested late Sunday by Garden Grove police officers on suspicion of burglary and attempted grand theft of firearms.

He also was served with a firearms emergency protective order.

After obtaining a search warrant, officers on Monday, Feb. 19, searched Flicker’s residence and recovered electronic devices but did not find firearms.

Flicker was booked into Orange County Jail and is being held in lieu of $2 million bail.

The investigation is ongoing.