Garden Grove PD begins major remodel of lobby, Records Division


Visitors to the Garden Grove Police Department can expect some changes over the next few months as the agency’s lobby and Records Division undergo a major, much-needed remodel.

“It’s pretty important for our people,” said GGPD Capt. Ed Leiva, who is overseeing the renovation, adding that he’s unaware of any previous remodel of the area in the station’s history.

The construction, which began July 10 and is expected to be completed by the end of October, also includes the restroom, stairs, elevator and the second-floor lobby, in addition to the Records Division’s 2,522 and lobby’s 419 square feet.

Included in the remodel is the addition of offices for several supervisors who currently share office space in the Records Division, and two new interview rooms added to the lobby.

“So there’s some level of privacy when people want to report crimes of a confidential nature,” Leiva said of the interview rooms.

The IT department also is working on developing customer service kiosks for visitors that can help streamline a police department visit by quickly providing information and getting the process started.

A poster is all that is left of the Garden Grove PD Records Division as the walls come out of the old workspace.
Photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge OC

“We’re hoping that it really increases the efficiency,” he said.

Other improvements include the addition of bulletproof materials and glass at the front desk, updated surveillance and camera equipment, a small breakroom for employees (which they don’t currently have), and new carpeting and furniture. Leiva said the upgrades also bring Records into compliance with the American with Disabilities Act and fire sprinklers up to current code.

“In reality, we’re kind of future-proofing the space,” said Leiva.

Vicky Lawton, Records Division manager for the Garden Grove PD, and Capt. Ed Leiva talk to construction workers at the entrance to the Garden Grove PD headquarters that is currently undergoing a major remodeling. The entrance, or front desk, to the police department has been temporary moved next door to the Juvenile Justice Center building.
Photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge OC

The construction has taken quite a bit of legwork, including moving 29 employees from Records and the front desk to the adjacent Juvenile Justice Center, which is temporarily housing them and serving as the lobby for visitors. Leiva gives credit to Records Manager Vicky Lawton for that move.

“She has done so much work,” he said. “It’s chaotic to move all those people.”

City engineers Navin Maru and Mark Uphus also have been deeply involved in the project “just to ensure that we have a good finished product,” according to Leiva.

“We have told them our vision and these guys have ran with it,” Leiva said. “They’re amazing.”

Leiva said he’s very excited for the work to be completed.

“I can’t wait to see when it’s done,” he said. “I really want to get the men and women of the Records [Division] and front desk into something nicer… They work incredibly hard.”

Vicky Lawton, Records Division manager for the Garden Grove PD, front center, with members of the GGPD Records Division and front desk CSOs (Community Services Officers) at their temporary office space at the Juvenile Justice Center building.
Photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge OC