HBPD: Man arrested after using stun gun to attack ex-girlfriend


Huntington Beach police arrested a man suspected of vandalizing his ex-girlfriend’s car then attacking with her a stun gun.

Police at about 1 p.m. Sunday responded to reports of a domestic violence incident in the 6700 block of Warner Avenue.

Officers determined the man had broken into his ex-girlfriend’s car, causing several thousand dollars of damage.

Police said the suspect sent a text message to the woman telling her what he did to the car.

When she went outside to check the damage, the two started arguing.

The man took out a handheld stun gun and used it on the woman, knocking her to the ground, police said.

While she was down, the man used the stun gun several more times on the woman’s torso, police said.

The man then got in his car to leave the scene and tried to hit the woman with his vehicle, police said.

Michael Porter, 31, of Huntington Beach was arrested on suspicion of several felony charges including assault with a stun gun, corporal injury on a cohabitant and vandalism.


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