K9 on loan from Anaheim PD assists Garden Grove PD in arrest of suspects


A fight between two brothers evolved into two separate foot pursuits by Garden Grove PD officers that ended with a K9 on loan from the Anaheim PD assisting in the arrest of one of the suspects.

The drama began at 6:45 p.m. Tuesday night when Garden Grove Police officers were sent to a disturbance at an apartment at 12221 Beach Blvd. in Garden Grove.

Two men inside the apartment were fighting, and the girlfriend of one of the two called the police.

As officers were driving to the address they learned that one of the suspects, Jose Aguirre, 21, was wanted for a narcotics arrest warrant. Aguirre fled the apartment when he saw the officers approaching.

Jose Aguirre

Jose Aguirre

The two cops chased Aguirre on foot and caught him a short distance away from the apartment complex. They took him into custody without incident.

The two officers then returned to the apartment complex. One of them knew Aguirre and figured that the other male involved probably was his brother, Edwin Aguirre, 23, who also lives in Garden Grove.

When the officers reached the apartment complex, Edwin Aguirre ran from them. He was wanted as a parolee-at-large and had an arrest warrant.

When Edwin Aguirre turned to run, the officers saw a metal object that appeared to be a weapon in his waistband. They bolted after him but lost sight of him in the apartment complex.

Officers set up a perimeter around the complex and requested the assistance of a helicopter and a K9 officer from the Anaheim Police Department.

Edwin Aguirre

Edwin Aguirre

Edwin Aguirre was spotted hiding in a bush within the perimeter but he ignored repeated warnings to surrender. The K9 was deployed and pulled him from a bush, after which he was arrested.

Aguirre suffered bite wounds to his right calf leg area and was transported to an Anaheim hospital.

Both brothers were booked for their respective warrants and each was charged with resisting arrest.