La Habra PD raises money for California Highway Patrol Officer involved in gun battle


Every year in November, La Habra Police employees have spent the entirety of the month raising money for different good causes, by either growing mustaches and beards or the opportunity to wear a more casual uniform one workday a week.

This year, the Department’s annual event focused on an injured officer as their cause and the La Habra PD raised $3,100 for California Highway Patrol Officer Robert Paul who was involved in a wild shoot-out  near the 215 (Riverside Freeway) on August 12,2019.

CHP Officer Paul was one of the first responders who arrived at the scene to back up officers, including his partner CHP Officer Andre Moye, who was tragically killed in the shoot-out.

La Habra PD raises money for California Highway Patrol Officer involved in gun battle. In the photo


“It’s our own version of “No Shave November,” said Lt. Jim Tigner. “Every year the command staff suggests good causes we can give money to and then we choose who the benefactor will be … this year I was aware of the plight and struggles of Officer Paul by way of the Orange County Traffic Officer’s Association (OCTOA).”

La Habra Police Department officials wanted to assist CHP Officer Paul who has been in and out of the hospital enduring several surgeries.  He was shot, taking .223 caliber rounds to his lower legs and the extensive damage he has endured could still possibly result in amputation down the road.  Officer Paul credits his team of doctors in getting him to this point of recovery and hopefully being able to keep his legs. During Officer Paul’s recovery he had many friends and family stop by to visit him, including Angel’s baseball player Albert Pujols, according to Tigner.

Angels Baseball Player Albert Pujols and Ofc. Paul

On December 9th, La Habra Department police officials dropped the check off on Officer Paul’s first day back at work since the shooting, it was an emotional day for him, the CHP staff and for the LHPD officers who dropped by to shake his hand.

 “It has been a very difficult and painful road for Officer Paul, both physically and emotionally, while also having to deal with his partner’s death,” said Lt. Jim Tigner. “We wanted to make sure Officer Paul knows he is in our prayers and that he has personal support from the La Habra Police Department.”

Ofc. Geer listens to Ofc. Paul’s description of his injuries