LEIU invites law enforcement to explore new ideas at TED Talk-like event, 20/20


This November, police agencies will gather at the Montage Laguna Beach for a TED Talk-like event that aims to open minds to new ideas in law enforcement.

In its sixth year, the Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIU) event – 20/20 – was created as a way to nourish outside-the-box thinking in a non-judgemental environment.

“We’ve had some interesting talks on ethics, policing …it’s cutting-edge ideas and concepts that [are]being shared in a safe environment,” said Brian Gray, who founded the event as a member of the LEIU Executive Board and the Southwest Zone chairman. “It’s about sharing ideas and getting people excited about trying to try new things.”

“Bedside Manner In Policing: The Power Of Empathy,” “Technology: The Driving Force in Human Exploitation,” “Fake Crypto-Currencies & Telemarketing Scams Are Back,” “Female Suicide Bombers” and “Crisis! Using Social Media as a Response Tool” are among a few of the anticipated topics.

There are no central themes to the LEIU 20/20 – speakers simply talk about what they’re passionate about in the work they do.

“The topics are all over the place,” said Gray.

Among this year’s speakers is Westminster PD’s Commander Cameron Knauerhaze, who will be talking about beside manner and the power of empathy in policing. Gray said he asked Knauerhaze to participate after reading a post of his related to the topic on social media.

“I think what he has to say is important for law enforcement officers,” Gray said.

Other speakers from Orange County are Cpl. Jason Blanpied with California State University Fullerton Police Department speaking on “Active Shooter Equipment, Tactics and Thought Process For First Responders”; and Det. Jason Forgash with La Habra Police Department speaking about “Interrogating Children: Understanding The Developing Mind and Techniques To Richer Child Interview Outcomes.”

There will be 20 speakers, each speaking for up to 20 minutes (or less) – hence 20/20. The event will be videotaped so that LEIU members anywhere can watch the talks online later.

“That was the point, to make it entertaining and educational, but in an environment where it was safe,” Gray said.

LEIU 20/20 is open to members of law enforcement. Tickets are $40 each for LEIU members and $55 for non-members. The event is Nov. 6 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Montage Laguna Beach. Register at LEIU2020.org.