A man walked up to counter at the Fullerton PD and surprise, he wasn’t there to complain


He thought the person was there to complain.

On Christmas Day, Fullerton PD Lt. Thomas Oliveras was handling watch commander duties when a person walked up to the counter at PD headquarters and asked to speak to the WC.

Usually when that happens, a person has a beef to air.

But when Oliveras came out to greet the person, he wasn’t confronted with guff, but instead was handed a Christmas card.

The card was addressed to the Fullerton PD.

The man shook Oliveras’ hand and thanked him for the job all FPD officers do and said the gift was from his family.

The outside of the Christmas card. Photo courtesy of FPD

The front of the Christmas card. Photo courtesy of FPD

He did not want to identify himself, and quickly left.

Before he left, Oliveras thanked him. Then he walked back into his office and opened the envelope.

In addition to a heartfelt greeting on the card about “true heroes” who serve their country, there was a gift card inside in the amount of $250.

“That was a real surprise to see,” Oliveras said.

Oliveras gave the card to Police Chief Dan Hughes, who declared the money be donated to the FPD volunteer program.

“This kind gesture and generous donation really resonated with me,” Hughes said. “It’s a testament, I believe, to the hard work our officers do every day throughout the year — work that usually goes unnoticed.

“The Fullerton PD is very grateful for this gift,” Hughes added, “and we will continue to serve our community with no expectations of gifts or accolades, but simply out of our genuine desire to do the best job possible.”