Mom who tackled tagger gets FPD award


The West Fullerton mom who chased down and tackled a tagger in August was honored by members of the Fullerton Police Department for her actions at the monthly Community Policing and Crime Prevention meeting.

“We just want to say thank you,” said Lt. Scott Rudisil to Jessica Hoover, who attended the meeting with her husband, children and parents. “You didn’t turn your back and walk away.”

Hoover was fed up and had enough of those who damage the property of others. On this day, a potential vandal was attempting to spray paint her truck and she was fed up. She tried to scare off the would be vandal by banging on her kitchen window. As she tried to get his attention, he just smiled at her and proceeded to tag up the sidewalk. He shouted obscenities at her and fled on foot when she began to approach him.

That was enough. She got in her truck and chased him down, cornering him near a school where she tackled and detained him until police arrived.

“We don’t normally encourage citizens to chase down suspects,” said Police Chief Dan Hughes as he congratulated Hoover. “But this was pretty cool.”

Hoover said she is still surprised by the media coverage and notoriety she has received from the event.

“One of my neighbors asked me for an autograph,” she said. “And I gave it to her.”