Officer saves 7-11 clerk who was having heart attack


Three nights a week, Officer John Munoz works the graveyard patrol shift. Part of his routine includes checking in on a 7-Eleven to keep a close eye on some people known to hang out in the area who may be up to no good.

He also checks on the employees, some of whom he considers friends.

When he stopped by the 7-Eleven on South Brookhurst Street just after midnight March 26, Munoz greeted Jack, the familiar clerk on duty.

It became immediately obvious that Jack wasn’t doing too well.

The 60-something clerk was crouched behind the counter leaning against a milk crate, his breathing labored.

“Are you OK?” Munoz asked him.

Jack was in obvious distress, but told the officer he was fine. When Munoz asked him if he needed medical attention, Jack waved him off.

But Munoz knew better.

The 3½-year veteran of the Fullerton Police Department summoned paramedics, who arrived minutes later and began treating Jack.

First responders arrived and hooked Jack up to medical equipment.

He was having a heart attack.

Jack was rushed to Anaheim Memorial Hospital.

Munoz contacted the owner who was some distance away and could not immediately get to the store. Instead of leaving the business vacant, Munoz and his partner remained at the 7-11, securing the business until the owner arrived.

Officers checked on Jack’s condition in the morning.

He was all patched up after surgery and recovering, eager to soon get back to work. A manager on Thursday said Jack is doing well – but has not yet returned to work.

Munoz said he was happy he stopped by the 7-Eleven that night a couple of months ago to help a friend.

“Not only did our officer probably save Jack’s life,” said Sgt. Jeff Stuart, “but he went the extra step, securing the store until the owner could respond to take over.”

Said Munoz: “I just wanted to make sure he was OK. I’m glad things turned out well for him.”

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