Rapid DNA system used in Orange police arrest of man charged with stealing panties, drinking milk from college women’s home


The Orange Police Department has arrested a man suspected of burglarizing the home of four female college students and leaving semen on one victim’s laptop.

Jonathan Jose Ruiz, 19, of Orange was arrested by Orange police investigators on Oct. 11 after the Orange County District Attorney’s Office Rapid DNA system matched items swabbed at the crime scene to Ruiz’ DNA profile on the OCDA DNA database.

Ruiz’s DNA was submitted to the database as part of his sentence for a misdemeanor vandalism case in 2017.

On Oct. 4, the four roommates left their home in Orange at 9:20 p.m. to attend an event. Ruiz is accused of entering the home through a window, ransacking their bedrooms, and scattering their undergarments throughout the house.

Investigators also believe Ruiz used one student’s laptop to browse pornographic websites and download images of one of the victims.

Ruiz is accused of leaving semen on the laptop and moving the computer into the victim’s bedroom.

The defendant is also accused of drinking milk taken from inside the refrigerator, leaving the container on the kitchen counter, and eating cookies.

Orange police investigators swabbed multiple items at the crime scene, including the apparent semen found on the laptop, and submitted them to the OCDA.

At the time of his arrest, Ruiz is accused of being in possession of multiple items of personal property from the victims, including two pairs of underwear.

Ruiz was charged with first degree residential burglary and vandalism resulting in damage of at least $400, with sentencing enhancements for crimes committed for the purpose of sexual compulsion and gratification.

He faces up to six years and eight months in prison.