Pasadena first responders work together to assure an anxious community


On the front steps of Pasadena City Hall, Police Chief John Perez and Interim Fire Chief Bryan Frieders stand 6-feet away from one another, while they record a video for the community.

 “I know that there is great uncertainty about what lies ahead for the City, State and Country,” Perez said. “But I want to reassure you that our essential law enforcement … will proudly answer the call of duty.”  

Pasadena PD stays connected to its community. (Photo courtesy of PPD)

“My thoughts are with you all of you, as we not only fight the pandemic together, but also adjust our daily lives to a new normal,” Chief Frieders said.

The halls of City Hall, normally bustling with City employees, is shut down with just a handful of staff working to get public health messages out to the community.

The usual prime parking spots in front of the City’s courthouse is quiet aside from a few people walking outside.

This is the ‘new normal’ in the City’s municipal corridor on the first Monday morning back after a weekend of social distancing and quarantine.

For Chief Frieders and Chief Perez, their presence during this time of uncertainty helps the community find the assurance they need from the very people who protect them on a daily basis.

 Knowing this, the two chiefs, create videos, send out social media messaging and follow the rules of safety in the “new world” so community members follow suit.

They encourage residents to wash their hands, disinfect at home, and practice social distancing. They also continue to let residents know that staying home means they can continue to do their jobs – safely.

Pasadena PD sends out social media messages on Twitter to inform community. (Photo courtesy of PPD)

“Everyone has come together and done a fantastic job,” said Chief Perez. “We have a strong group of police officers, men and women, who are doing a fantastic job.

Check out the video with Police Chief John Perez who shared his thoughts on how community members are “meeting the moment”. 

  You can also hear the video alongside Fire Chief Bryan Frieders here.