Pasadena PD celebrates National Police Week – virtually.


Typically, Pasadena’s annual Police & Fire Memorial is held under the iconic dome of City Hall, with friends and family gathered together, while they are serenaded with a three gun salute.

But this year, the memorial will be held virtually.

As police officers grapple with the arrival of a global pandemic that has changed what policing looks like – what hasn’t changed is the importance of honoring police officers.

Both those who are out in the front lines and those who lost their lives on duty.

“We can’t replace the event. We can’t bring in the families and loved ones of the officers who have sacrificed …, “said Pasadena Corporal Cristian Allen. “But we just want to recognize them in some way. Nationally recognize them to everyone. Going online was the only way to share our information with thousands.”

As the rest of the country takes everything online from education to yoga classes – Pasadena PD took to the internet to celebrate National Police Week on its Facebook page. Here they shared a daily snap shot of an officer, with details on how they chose law enforcement as their career path.

Police officer Gyaneh Krikorian said her motivation for becoming a police is because “It’s fun, exciting and rewarding career that allows you the opportunity to help people in a time when they need it most.”

Corporal Sidney Abraham, who was promoted last year and is currently a detective, he said becoming a police officer was a lifelong dream.

 “I have always felt a calling since I was a child to be a Police Officer and I have never regretted my decision to leave my former accounting job to become a Police Officer”

The Pasadena PD shared bios and photos of five officers and will end the week with a virtual Police & Fire Memorial, where they can pay their respect to the Pasadena Police Officers who died on duty during their time at the Department.

“The loss of loved one’s always leaves a vacant spot in the hearts of their families. And that family includes us,” said Pasadena PD Police Chief John Perez. “It’s up to us to continue to show the value and importance of their lives. Whether that’s in person or online, we will show up for them.”

Check out Pasadena Police Department’s Facebook National Police Week, here.  And to learn more about the Pasadena Police Officers who died in the line of duty, please go to Officer Down Memorial Page.