Pasadena PD gives Shanghai police officers a tour in the City of Roses



Twenty-four year old Police Officer Ethan Chao specializes in cyber-crimes back home in Shanghai. For him, getting a chance to see first-hand how law enforcement officials at Pasadena Police Department tackle criminal cases was part of why he applied for a chance to make this trip overseas.

Chao, along with 30 or so police officers made the overseas trip to California from Shanghai to tour a number of agencies, including Pasadena PD, where they were given a tour of the jail, the City’s famed Rose Bowl and also gaining insight on how the PD protects its residents.

Officer cadets from Shanghai, China learn about the Pasadena Police Departments counter terrorism tactics during a recent visit.

“We like your officers,” said Chao. “They are all warm, friendly but also command respect from the public. The biggest difference between us is we don’t carry guns. In China we have a baton and pepper spray. So here, your police officers look really strong.”

The tour is part of an ongoing partnership with California Institute of Technology who has been bringing students of Criminal Justice to Southern California for several years. Pasadena PD’s Community Services Department puts together the event and brings  in officers from its Criminal investigations Division and Event Planning to talk about  counter terrorism,  privacy and technology and cybercrimes.

Officer cadets from Shanghai, China wear their uniform for their visit to the Pasadena Police Department


Sergeant Glenn C. Thompson has fun rapping with Officer cadet Zhi Qian Li from Shanghai, China during a recent visit to the department.