Pasadena Police Department takes on bicycle theft during stay at home order


With wide streets and leafy trees, Pasadena is a hub for bike riders who like to enjoy the City scenery on two wheels.

Since the arrival of COVID-19 and the mandated stay at home order, biking has become a popular past time for people who want to get out for exercise, while also maintaining social distance.

For Pasadena Police Department, the surge in biking also means a spike in theft.

“In the last few months we have seen a rise in our average of bike thefts per month,” said Detective Sid Abraham with the Pasadena Police Department. “In the past, we would average about 13 thefts a month, but in March and April we had 24 thefts each month. For the first two weeks in May 2020, we are already at 25 thefts.”

The Pasadena PD has been sharing social media messages with the community to help them stay alert as the warmer season brings everyone out on foot – and bike.  They hope residents will take the right precautions to bring down bike thefts as the City continues its stay at home order during the warmer season. 

Never leave your bike unattended unless it’s locked and secured in a well-lighted area

 “The first thing we tell is people is to record their bike’s serial number,” said Detective Abraham. “This is so important, without it, it’s very hard to locate your bike. With a serial number, we can run it through the system and make sure it is your bike. Sometimes we can find a bike, it can be the right one, with the same special bell they bought. But then we run the serial number and it’s not the same bike.”

The Pasadena PD has also shared on its Facebook page:

  • Record your bike’s serial number.
  • If your bicycle is stolen, local law enforcement can call pawn shops and second-hand dealers to see whether someone has sold your bicycle.
  • In the City of Pasadena, people can register your bicycle at the police department.
  • Never leave your bike unattended unless it’s locked and secured in a well-lighted area.
  • Consider making your bike unique. Personalized features make your bike more identifiable and more difficult for thieves to sell.
  • If you leave your bike unattended often consider replacing quick-release seats and wheel skewers for ones that require keys.
  • U-locks offer better security than thin cable locks. Consider using two locks and a steel chain to secure your wheels as well.
  • Consider smart locks. Utilizing your smartphone, a smart lock can track your bike through GPS and alert you when your bike is moving.
  • Balconies and parking garages are not secure unless your bicycle is locked and secured. Thieves use ladders to climb balconies and follow residents into secure parking garages. It is safer to store your bike inside your residence or a secured garage.