Pasadena Police Department’s entire command staff self-isolates


Pasadena Police Department’s Police Chief John Perez, along with seven members of its command staff, are self-isolating after one of them began to exhibit signs of a fever, according to officials on Wednesday. 

“One of the members of the command staff woke with a fever on Tuesday … we were in a few meetings with him on Monday,” said Pasadena Police Lt. William Grisafe, “This is precautionary, we just want to wait until we get our test results back.” 

The police chief, entire members of police command staff, Interim Pasadena Fire Chief Bryan Frieders  and Pasadena’s spokeswoman Lisa Derderian are all self-isolating as the wait for COVID-19 test results. 

The police employee who had a fever had already received a preliminary negative test result, but the Department and City was awaiting a second test.

Shortly after COVID-19 changed the world as we knew it, Pasadena PD stepped up and launched a new procedural process to keep its team and community as safe as possible.  

In April, Pasadena PD restructured its shifts and made temperature taking a part of how officers get ready for work, including wearing gloves and have a mask.

The City of Pasadena generally advises anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 and/or tests positive to self-isolate at home — this goes for their Police Department and community-at-large.