Mayor and Police Chief of Tustin urge community to stay calm and follow directives of health and other agencies during COVID-19 crisis


In a video released Tuesday, March 24, Tustin Police Chief Stu Greenberg and Mayor Dr. Allan Bernstein implored residents to continue caring for each other, to stay calm, and to follow guidelines from federal, state, and local health and other agencies.

Continue to practice social distancing, Greenberg and Bernstein said — your actions could save lives — be kind and considerate to others, and check on seniors and other vulnerable members of the community, the two said.

Tustin Mayor Allan Bernstein gives a public safety announcement regarding the COVID-19, Coronavirus.
Photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge

Greenberg said the TPD is working around the clock to ensure the safety of the community and that the agency has made some procedural changes to continue doing its job in the safest possible way.

“Remember, we are ‘Tustin Strong,'” Bernstein said in the video.