Real life ‘Cop Rock’ takes the nation in lip-sync challenge form


Police have found themselves in the news again — but this time there’s a twist.

Officers have taken a short break from laying down the law to lay down the hits.

Multiple videos of law enforcement agencies across the nation completing the “lip-sync challenge” have gone viral, resulting in millions of collective views.

We want to know which video is your favorite. You can vote for the video you think is the best at the end of this post (or share one we haven’t yet seen!).

Although we have seen a lot of great videos, these are our top 5 picks:

No. 1: Martinsville Police Department with 1.2M+ views

We picked The Martinsville Police Department video as our No. 1 favorite because the production quality was great. The video really shows the effort the department put into this challenge. The Martinsville Police Department also did a really good job of highlighting their city and getting their community involved in the production too!

No. 2: City of Monroe Police and Fire Department with 1M+ views

Our second pick is The City of Monroe Police & Fire Department’s video. We love that the video got both police and fire department involved. Not only that, but the video also highlighted the city in which they both work for.

No. 3: Dakota County Sheriff’s Office Dance & Lip Sync Challenge with 300K+ views

The Dakota County Sheriff’s Office’s video came in third. The reason we love this video is because it is so different. While they may have missed the lip-sync mark, they deserve an A+ in quality and dance moves. This video felt like a short film, and we wanted to watch it beginning to end. We also appreciate that they used all their different departments, mascots, and highlighted the cop’s outside “skills”. Overall, a cool video to watch!

No. 4: Wichita Falls Police Department with 50K+ views

Our fourth pick goes to the Wichita Falls Police Department. We love this video because it is light-hearted and fun, and the opening scene is a cop with a doughnut! We also like that they highlighted their city and organizations like “Patsy’s House” while involving their community too.

No. 5: Tyler-City Police Department with 2.3M+ views

Our final video is from The Tyler-City Police Department. We love this video because you can tell the department really had a fun time filming this. It shows its viewers police in a different light- smiling, dancing, shaking it, and just having a good time!